Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thing # 6

Every time I post I know I will return to school wanting to add more assignments to my lesson plans than I will have time to complete. My students are so impressed with what I know. This time is no exception. The list of mash-ups available is so immense. Bookr offers a great way to incorporate pictures with text. In my library I would suggest that students take advantage of this mash-up to put research information with photographs that correspond. Another web site I would incorporate is Flagrant Disregard's name badges. Students can identify a person and include important facts, including birthdate, aliases, and claims to fame. These tools can be used to modify research or simply add creative displays for the information students locate. These tools are easy to use and would be easy to explain to teachers, even reluctant ones. I cannot wait to coerce... I mean convince my team members to try these sites.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing # 5

As an English teacher I immediately wanted to search for pictures of books. When I couldn't find just the right one I instead typed poetry in the search box. This is a pretty cool photo uploaded by Steve Rhodes to the Flikr Commons.
I really like the Flikr website. I usually stay away from pictures on the web because I am always fearful that I will break copyright laws; however, I am excited to find pictures that I feel comfortable using in my classroom. It is very neat how the commons breaks down what is acceptable for each group of pictures.