Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thing #3

I did it! It only took me 1 hour to figure out how to get the avatar on my blog- I think I read and reread those directions 25 times. Creating the blog was cake. Designing the avatar became fun when I realized it doesn't have to look like me. One cool thing was when I looked through other blogs I noticed I can have the avatar anywhere on the page. What a feeling of accomplishment! I am on my way!


  1. your avatar looks great...what was hanging you up as far as getting it on the blog?

  2. I am not sure I understood the directions as far as copy the code and paste it on the blog. I read the old directions, and then noticed they were outdated. I read the new directions, but it didn't click for a long time. Thank you for the compliment. Creating the avatar was cake.

  3. there will be times when copying code will be necessary...not as much as when I first started because so many sites now have buttons for adding things to Blogger blogs!

    when you do need to add have to switch the tabs (on the right side) on your post box from Compose (the default) to Edit HTML...that is where you need to paste any code.

    Play with it a little on a practice post...