Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing # 11

Library Thing is a great way to organize books. I especially enjoy the option to discuss books with other people online. My Library Thing is still in the beginning stages, mainly because I prefer Shelfari. For me the visual of the books on a bookshelf is nicer. Also, in Shelfari as you add a book, you go through incorporating tags, reviews, and other information all at once. I plan to suggest this to English teachers so that their students can have an accurate account of all they have read. After checking out the YA literature group, I was a little disappointed that people set up an entire discussion asking which YA characters people have crushes on when reading, but still collected titles of books I want to read or suggest for my students. All in all this is a nice site.


  1. It is ok that Shalfari works better for you...choice on the web is one its strengths!

  2. Thanks for the link to the Shalfari website. I had heard this site mentioned before and I was telling my sister about it because she belongs to a book club. This would be great for her. Thanks again.