Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing # 19

In the realm of wikis, earned first place on the Web 2.0 Awards list. I must say I agree. I created two wikis for my class. The first was created using wikispaces. While it was relatively easy to figure out, it still took time. Someone suggested that I go to PBWiki to create my wiki. When I started creating my site I realized that this was much more user friendly. In addition, it is easier to create a more personalized wiki. My students love being able to access information from home, and I love having the freedom to post updates and deadline reminders that both students and parents can access from home or their local library. It is a wonderful way for my classes to discuss topics in more depth than we are allowed time to in class. It also gives the opportunity for those who are shy to share their thoughts. This is a great way to have students to discuss books for book clubs. It is versatile and can be utilized in any curriculum. Kudos PBWiki. Thank you for making me enjoy technology.

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